Performance marketing in the mobile space is potentially one of the most rewarding areas for affiliate marketers but has, quite possibly, one of the steepest learning curves.

At MobileCPAspy we give you the intelligence you need to succeed.

Covering image ads, mobile redirects and mobile pops, we show you what your competitors are doing, in over 35 countries and as shown by 16 ad networks

Drill down on country, ad type, OS, ad network, adult/non adult and cut out the trial and error traditionally involved in finding winning banners, converting landing pages and hot offers.

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MobileCPAspy is an extremely easy to use, yet, very powerful platform.

  • We cover mobile offers in over 35 countries

    We already feature the top mobile campaign geos with new countries coming on stream each month. We know from experience that non Tier 1 countries can offer tremendous returns.

  • We value our subscribers

    We listen to your requests and  strive to constantly improve the value of your subscription. In fact, we promise to never increase your monthly subscription even as  prices rise substantially for new members.

  • Daily Updates

    We update our database each day, bringing fresh insights to help you win.

  • Adult / Non-Adult

    We are currently offering access to both types of campaign, all in one membership deal.

  • Mobile Friendliness

    Browse through your competitors campaigns from your tablet whilst on the move. Gather intelligence and new ideas wherever you are.

  • Campaign Look-through

    Depending upon the campaign type we show you the banner, landing page used, url, page source and target offer. We leave you with no guess work. Fantastic for kick-starting non-tier 1 geo campaigns. Cut-out the guess work of what offers work in which geo.
    Instantly improve your chances of launching new winning campaigns in these geos by 200% or even 300%.

Our subscription rates are currently some of the lowest in the industry for the intelligence we offer.
We don't intend to keep rates this low for much longer but we do promise to never increase your rate whilst you have an active subscription with us.

- I.Rollinson - MobileCPAspy

Successful campaigns out of the gate.

Most affiliates in the mobile CPA space expect to lose money when testing offers, it's part of the information gathering exercise in deciding which offers are going to work, which have potential and those which can be considered to be hugely popular winners which are capable of producing ROI between 200% and 1000%. MobileCPAspy can be used to gather intelligence on what is working in 35+ geos around the world.

Drill through the image, landing page and target offer of the country, OS and ad-network frozen in time, to see what is working now with the landing pages successful affiliates are using. No re-visiting of cloaked links and banned IPs. Use the data to create your own versions of banners and mobile landing pages. Improve on the CTR and CR of the original by creating your own modifications and split testing.

Imagine how mobileCPAspy can save you hours of research and sunk costs when entering a new vertical and geo for the first time.



Advertising Networks

We currently cover campaigns shown by 14 popular advertising networks.

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